My first night in El Paso.

I was feeling very accomplished after a successful day of hiking and sight seeing. I decided to treat myself to a local fast food joint, Chico’s Tacos. Fast food is relatively cheap, but $4.50 for a small fry and this smothered deliciousness? It was a pretty good deal, to say the least.


While eating inside the joint, one of the workers struck up a conversation with me about why I was in town and what sites I have seen thus far. Long story short, they ended up giving me their phone number and told me to contact them if I wanted to explore the city later on. It’s kind of not a great idea to meet up with a complete stranger while traveling alone, but that’s exactly what I did.



During the night, we walked up and down the streets for hours and I saw San Jancito Plaza, visited several restaurants and bars, played pool, ate some very good nachos at the TAP bar and, on top of all that, I made my very first friend in El Paso. I could not have asked for a better way to spend my first night.




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